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Lesslie Newbigin


Lesslie NEWBIGIN Centenary

The centenary of the birth of Bishop Lesslie Newbigin was celebrated in December 2009.   In Edinburgh, there was a Memorial Service and a Seminar, addressed by Prof. Veli-Matti Karkkainen.  Distinguished theologians from around the world were asked to provide their assessment of the enduring significance of Bishop Newbigin's life and work.   Their responses together with the full text of Canon Andrew Wingate's address at the Memorial Service and Prof. Karkkainen's Lectures are presented on this website.
Memorial Service

The congregation at the Memorial Service, held in St. George’s West Church on Sunday 6th December 2009, included Lesslie and Helen’s daughter, Margaret Beetham, and their son John, one from Manchester and the other from London. Rev. Eileen Thompson conducted the service and Canon Andrew Wingate from Leicester preached. The full text of his sermon is available here. It was particularly gratifying to have Tamil friends from Emmanuel Christian Fellowship from Glasgow sharing in leading the worship.

At the seminar, held in St. John's Episcopan Church on Saturday 12th December, Prof. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen gave two scholarly lectures:
1. Newbigin’s View of Postmodernity
2. Missional Response to the Culture in Transition between Modernity and Late Modernity
There were 3 respondents to the lectures: Eleanor Jackson, Mark Laing and Brian Stanley and this was followed by a time of open discussion from the floor.
The full text of Prof.
Kärkkäinen's lectures is reproduced here, with permission.

Assessments of L. Newbigin's Life & Work 
Contributions were received from:
Vinoth Ramachandra (Sri Lanka)
Jürgen Schuster (Germany)
Carver T. Yu (China)
Elaine Storkey (England)
Ian Barns (Australia)
Simon Chan (Singapore)
Geoffrey Wainwright (United States)
Michael Paul Gallagher S.J. (Rome)
Murray Rae (New Zealand)
Wilbert Shenk (United States)
Brian McLaren (United States)
Mark Laing (Scotland/India)
Uwe Langsam (Germany)
Ian Packer (Australia)
Jannie Swart (South Africa)
Kang-San Tan (from Malaysia)
and are reproduced here

The Other Side of Lesslie Newbigin: A fascinating account of Lesslie Newbigin's time in India as seen through the eyes of Murdoch Mackenzie who worked closely with him in Madras and later, for a time, in Birmingham, given at the Centenary Seminar held by FCI in Leicester in July 2010
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