The name of the Association shall be the Fellowship of St. Thomas.

a) To learn from the experience and insights of the Churches of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar) and to share these with the Churches in Scotland.
b) To encourage corporate and private prayer for and with these Churches.
c) To welcome visitors from South Asia.
d) To encourage links between Christians in Scotland and
Christians in South Asia.

a) By celebrating Holy Communion at least once a year according to a liturgy of one of the Churches in South Asia.
b) By providing a forum for the discussion of issues arising out of the life and witness of the Churches in South Asia.
c) By publishing a Newsletter.
d) By providing a press service.
e) By encouraging members to subscribe to Christian
magazines published in South Asia.
f) By other suitable means as may from time to time be

Membership shall be open to all who are in sympathy with the Objects of the Fellowship and who pay the annual subscription.

a) The office-bearers shall be a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officer. One person may hold two offices.
b) The Committee, including office bearers shall number not less than seven and not more than twelve and shall comprise as wide a representation as possible of the denominations in Scotland and of the Churches of South Asia.
c) The period of service of office-bearers and of other Committee members shall be three years, with possible re¬ election for one further period of three years, with the proviso that the period of service of an office-bearer shall be counted from the date of his/her election as an office-bearer.
d) The Committee shall meet at least once a year.
e) The quorum for Committee meetings shall be four.

a) There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Fellowship.
b) Notice of the Meeting shall be sent to all members at least one month before the date of the Meeting.
c) The quorum for the Meeting shall be one fifth of the membership.
d) At the Meeting:-
i) The office-bearers and other Committee members shall be elected. The Treasurer, although elected at the AGM shall normally take over office from the following 1st February, after the completion of the audit.
ii) A report of the previous year's activities shall be received.
iii) An audited statement of accounts for the previous financial year shall be presented (the financial year shall be the calendar year).
iv) The rate of subscription for the coming year shall be determined.
v) The auditor for the accounts of the current year shall be appointed.
vi) Any other competent business may be transacted at the discretion of the president.

a) Any member wishing to propose an amendment to the Constitution shall forward it to the Secretary at least four months before the Annual General Meeting.
b) Notice of proposed amendments shall be given to all members along with the notice calling the Annual General Meeting.
c) Amendments shall require a two thirds majority of members present at the Annual General Meeting.


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